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COUNSELLING is a time set aside each week for you to explore difficulties or unease in your life. It is a time to talk about things you may find difficult to discuss with family or friends. In each session we will have 60 minutes together, during which I will not judge or advise you. You will be heard and you will be given support while resolving your issues. By building a therapeutic relationship I believe that you will gain the strength to become the person you want to be, increase your self awareness and move forward in a way that suits you. Counselling may involve looking into your childhood or a past trauma to understand what is happening today. I will support you in untangling those emotions and feelings.

Often individuals choose to have counselling because they are experiencing DIFFICULTIES and DISTRESS in their lives. However, you do not have to be in CRISIS or on the verge of one, before choosing to enter into counselling. You may be experiencing underlying feelings of dissatisfaction with life in general or be seeking balance in your life.

Counselling may also be used for one session (SST-Single Session Therapy) to work on an issue that is affecting you right now. A one off session of 2 hours, dedicated to helping you now. This would involve some preparation by the client before the session so as to use your time efficiently and effectively.

Please contact me on 07803 255172 or email

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Each STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL session lasts 60 minutes and is on a predetermined weekly or fortnightly basis. The rate is currently £45 per session. SST is also charged at £90 for the session.

?07803 255172

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The most basic and powerful way

To connect to another person is to
Just Listen
Perhaps the most important thing
We ever give to each other is our
A loving silence often has far more
Power to heal and connect than most
Well-intentioned words.

Rachel Naomi Remen

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Life brings about all number of emotions. Some are easier to deal with than others. People deal with life's problems in different ways. Counselling will help you to deal with conditions such as STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, TRAUMA and SUBSTANCE DEPENDENCY. Counselling can help you to understand your relationships and put you back on the right path or help you to understand your feelings following a BEREAVEMENT or LOSS.

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